The aircon servicing includes cleaning of the indoor fancoil and outdoor condeser, clearing of the drainage piping (to prevent leaking) and checking for you air conditioning system.

Scope of Work :

  • Clean & Check Air Filter, Front
  • Clean & Check Indoor Evaporator Coil
  • Vacuuming of Drainage Pan
  • Check Fan Bearing and Lubricant

For contract servicing package please refer to the table below. For more information please contact us : chat

Fan Coil UnitQuarterly (4x)Bi-Monthly (6x)Monthly (12x)
2 FCU$240.00$360.00$720.00
3 FCU$360.00$540.00$1,080.00
4 FCU$480.00$720.00$1,440.00
5 FCU$600.00$900.00$1,800.00
6 FCU$720.00$1,080.00$2,160.00

1 Fancoil (c/w Condenser)$40

2 Fancoil (c/w Condenser)$70

3 Fancoil (c/w Condenser)$105

4 Fancoil (c/w Condenser)$140

5 Fancoil (c/w Condenser)$175

6 Fancoil (c/w Condenser)$210